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Use your castles rockets to fight the dragons. Controls are Z and X keys.

Hold down the Z or X keys to gain altitude. Hover your castle above the dragons. Any dragons flying through your castles rocket jets will be incinerated scoring you a point. But if you are in the path of the dragons flame breath the dragons will score a point. Also beware, your rocket engines will cut out automatically should you dare fly too high. Perhaps if you score ten before the dragons do you can declare your self the winner. But can dragons and castles ever live in peace together?

Created as a small surprise for visitors, and those unable to attend Chunky Fringe.

Once the file is loaded in the spectrum and the graphics characters are drawn to the screen only the colour attributes change. Giving it a blocky look but allowing the whole screen to be updated swiftly. It would have been possible to update the text as things went along, but The High Fortress is an experiment in working on the spectrum this way. It's a throwback to an earlier era of games too. With a bit of influence of the weirder spectrum games from the first few years of its life. Hopefully the video tennis style scoring gives you an idea of the scope of it.  Think of it as a strange  type in listing that you haven’t had to type in yourself.

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Click download from the link below to get the Spectrum tap file. You will need additional software or hardware to run this file. Such as a ZX Spectrum emulator on a computer other device.


There's no music just beeps and clicks! So it will be the same across 48k and 128k Spectrums. Although it's been tested in a bunch configurations, there's a lot of possible emulators and variations in hardware versions. 


Z and X   fire left and right rockets

R                reset the score

A                sound on

Q               sound off

K               kempston joystick on

S                 kempston joystick off

Although you can use a kempston joystick or a Sinclair joystick. You won't be able to fire both rockets at the same time like you can with the keyboard. But your setup may be dependent on joystick input so these options have been included.  and maybe it won't make a huge difference to your experience anyway?


Files below. Click download now button then
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2) No thanks, just take me to the downloads.
Either way trying the tap file on your ZX Spectrum or emulation setup is recommended so use option 2) in the first instance.

Release date Sep 04, 2021
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Dragons, Retro, Singleplayer, ZX Spectrum
Average sessionA few minutes


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The High Fortress.tap 30 kB


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The dragon & castle from Glitchland Kingdom (or MissingNoLand), because the graphics it's literally made with a full of glitches.