Your work as a music video director takes you to Old Codgers Shed of Videomancy. Will this be your....... Last Christmas Ever?

A vaguely interactive fiction for Christmas. Go from location to location choosing the occasional option. You can reach one of two endings. But beware, there are no winners here!


The window will go black for a minute or so when you click run game while its loading. Having other tabs open especially ones with other html5 games in can cause it to run sluggishly. You can also hold down the up control to speed up text or hold down the down control to slow it down while the text is updating to screen.

Although there is no way to save progress it's in four chapters. Allowing you to continue from the start of chapter you got to last time. Load chapters from the chapter option in the menu. From each chapter you can load the next chapter.  And it cycles back to loading chapter one from chapter four. So if you want to start over from beginning load next chapter until your back at one.

If you reach a story ending and choose start from the menu you will restart from the beginning of chapter you are at. To start from beginning of story use chapter menu to get back to chapter one.

Keyboard keys

ARROW UP                      = choice up or update text faster

ARROW DOWN           = choice down or update text slower

SPACE                                  = make choice

R                                              = reset back to menu of current chapter

A                                              = audio/sound on

Q                                              = quiet/sound off

Alternatively, you can use a joypad to make choices. or click on options with a finger or mouse.

ZX Spectrum version

As well as this online version there is a zx spectrum version. Which is part of the woot! 2021 compilation.

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